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'ETHICAL WORKS' - a product range with ethical sourcing and manufacture at it's heart. 'Slow design' for the eco-conscious consumer.


        "I love plants, nature, this whole glorious planet, so it matters to me why, how and what I make and put into the world."                                                                                                                                           Franca Westaway, Oct.2018


Exclusive collections of bold, joyful print design explore colour, line and form in a celebration of the beauty of plants and nature’s seasons. “My own garden and the glorious gardens and landscapes of Cornwall, where I live, are an ever-changing source of inspiration. With my ‘Ethical Works’ product range I aim to offer eye-catching, decorative and transformational pieces for the home.”

‘Ethical Works’ is a carefully curated, handmade product range, bringing modern British luxury and sustainable design into the heart of your home. The handmade-to-order approach encourages a mindful attitude towards spending, “An item only comes into being because a customer wants it.” says Franca, “It’s an act of co-creation. Turning my business model around means that the customer and I are consciously choosing to work together to make something of value that has a place in the world today. The ‘slow movement’ is a new approach that I truly believe in and am committed to, re-evaluating our mindset about how we consume and use resources.”


All textiles, materials, packaging and manufacturing processes are responsibly sourced. The aim is to be plastics free wherever possible and use only biodegradable materials. Natural fibre fabrics include a British produced natural cotton linen and organic, OEKO-TEX or GOTS certified cloth.


Cushions, household linens and wall hangings are handmade-to-order in Cornwall to the highest standards. Fabrics, which can be bought by the metre, and wall art giclee prints are produced by selected UK-based manufacturers using up to date print processes that minimise chemical usage and industrial waste. Franca also works on custom design and make for individual projects. Cushions start at £75, fabrics from £80/m.


Instagram @francawestaway23

Contact Franca direct using hello@francawestaway or visit her website for enquiries or orders.


Inspired and invigorated by plant-life and the natural world, Franca Westaway creates lush, bold design collections which explore line, colour and scale to dramatic and harmonious effect. Her eclectic and contemporary style is informed by aesthetic traditions ranging from the Arts and Crafts movement and Belle Epoch through to mid-Century modern design.

Eye-catching florals and abstracted motifs are combined with strong colour stories to deliver rich designs that are dramatic, confident and joyful. Franca’s assured line work creates interest and draws attention to detail and form. Her work has clarity, power and playful beauty that enlivens any interior.

All designs are available on a range of ethically sourced fabrics and wallpapers, handmade-to-order cushions, linens, wall hangings and upholstered furniture items. Please enquire about individual projects, bespoke design or product requirements, Franca works closely with her clients on new ideas and to specific design briefs.  Design work is also available for license or sale. Trade enquiries welcome.



Franca produces distinctive and desirable print designs which have strong commercial appeal and individual style. Lush florals and botanicals are found alongside contemporary abstracts and stylised motifs.  Bold colour and scale combine with confident and artistic line in work which is eclectic, joyful and exciting. These designs are suited to a wide variety of potential markets across fashion and apparel.

Art work is created using a wide variety of techniques and media including painting and drawing, linocut and monoprint, photography and digital software. Placement designs and repeat patterns have an exciting tension that creates strength and visual interest and displays a fresh and uplifting handwriting.

Clients include Nomads Fairtrade Clothing, Pacsun and Topson Downs. Franca has a wide body of work and extensive archive, creating designs and collections seasonally and to trend. She is happy working freelance to client briefs, specifications and deadlines. Design work is available for license or sale, enquiries welcome.

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